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   Class: Lead Abatement Worker Initial

This 16 hour initial training course meets EPA's training requirements and the requirements of HUD's Lead-Safe Housing rule (24 CFR Part 35, et al.) for renovation, maintenance, and remodeling workers who disturb lead. There is no pre-requisite for this course. Individuals must complete the course and pass the course examination to obtain a 6 month interim certification. During this 6 month period the worker can perform abatement activities while EPA processes their certification application. There are NO time extensions. If the individual successfully completes this process, the appropriate EPA Region will issue a certificate and badge ID that are valid for three years. Should the individual fail to obtain certification within this 6 month time period the interim certificate will expire and the worker will no longer be able to perform abatement work and will have to take the ENTIRE course over again unless the application is in process. To maintain certification, students must complete a refresher course prior to the expiration date on their certificate
  This class offers a certificate upon successful completion.


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