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Cornerstone Training Institute has teamed with Upstate Training, Bluepoint Environmental and AMD Environmental to provide three premier microbial remediation and assessment programs in New York State.

On January 1, 2016, a new law takes affect that requires assessors, contractors and their workers in the mold remediation industry to receive proper training and licensing in accordance with the Department of Labor's New York State Labor Law. The goal of the new legislation is to provide licensing requirements and establish minimum work standards for persons and businesses engaged in mold remediation and mold abatement activities via the DOL's Mold Program.

Although many statewide environmental training institutes will be providing revised mold assessment and treatment programs in accordance with the new legislation, Cornerstone has united with three of the most experienced environmental consultants in the industry to ensure that local contractors receive what many consider the best mold assessment training program in New York State.

The three training classes Cornerstone will be providing are:
• Mold Assessment: For consultants that will be identifying the problem and prescribing remedial techniques to be implemented by contractors.
• Mold Contractor: For contractors that take assessment and remediation plans from assessors and create an abatement plan to remove mold hazards.
• Mold Technician: For laborers that work under the contractor to execute abatement plans.

Spearheading the training program are Anthony DeMiglio, Founder of AMD Environmental, Matthew DaRin, Founder and Lead Scientist at Bluepoint Environmental, and David Jones, Owner of Upstate Training. Mr. DeMiglio has over 20 years experience assessing and treating hazardous environments. Mr. DaRin has studied the effects of fungi and other plant-based hazards on humans since receiving his Bachelor's in Environmental & Forest Biology in 2000 and was a recipient of the Central New York Business Journal's 2012 "40 Under 40" award. Mr. Jones has been involved with residential and commercial construction for 28 years and a local home inspector for 19 years.

"We're blessed to have Bluepoint, AMD, and Upstate Training working with us to ensure that all contractors and assessors receive the first-class training they deserve in accordance with the Department of Labor's new mold certification program," said Darren Yehl, President and Training Director at Cornerstone Training Institute. "As far as mold consultation goes, Matthew DaRin, Anthony DeMiglio, and Dave Jones have three of the most impressive resumes in the industry, and their expertise in mold assessment and treatment are nationally recognized."

Mr. DaRin, Mr. DeMiglio, and Mr. Jones join other trainers including Kevin Hutton, Vice President and Training Director at Cornerstone with over 16 years experience in the treatment of hazardous materials; Darren Yehl, President of the Professional Abatement Contractors of New York (PACNY); and Davis E. Frederiksen, a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH) since 1981.

Over the last 20 years, there has been an epic rise in "toxic mold disease" deaths and mold-related illnesses. If exposed to mold for extended periods of time, it can cause irreversible damage to your mental and physical health and is a known catalyst for respiratory illness and asthma according to the Institute of Medicine.

"The reason that the Department of Labor has gone to great lengths to pass legislation designed to tackle the mold problem is that mold often goes undetected for years," noted Yehl. "Many people who live in homes or work in buildings with mold may blame allergies or other external factors for their symptoms when the cause of their health issues is literally right under their nose. It's not something that doctors readily diagnose, so in many cases these individuals continue to struggle with their health while the mold their exposed to remains untreated."

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Based in Buffalo, AMD Environmental has over 25 years of experience consulting, sampling, and monitoring projects in the environmental domain. Their firm and staff currently hold EPA Lead Based Paint Professional Licensing, NYSDOL Asbestos Inspector/ Project Monitor Certification, State of Texas Department of Health Mold Assessment Certification, Consultants Licenses, and IICRC S520 Moisture Management Certification. For more info, visit